• Customer: Leica
  • Date: June 2014
  • Author: Javier Guede
  • Category: Vector Design and Graphic
  • Tools:

The goal of this project is the realistic vector recreation of the Leica M9-P Hérmes Edition camera.

This is a special and limited edition version of the first compact camera from Leica, in collaboration with the Parisian fashion brand Hèrmes. The most characteristic of this edition is the meticulous and handmade process of manufacture, as well as the steer leather in ocher color that covers the camera.

Vector Illustration · LeicaInternal Structure · Leica Persol
Brand · Leica Persol
Internal Structure · Leica Persol
Lens detail · Leica
Controls detail · Leica
Lens detail · Leica
Brand · Leica